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Where do you go on vacation? Thrill your 30/4 – 1/5 vacation with family at NOTE

 - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab

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One of the year’s longest vacations is coming, some people will leave the rush and commotion of the city to go to the faraway sea and listen to the waves breaking, others will return to their birthplace and assemble with family and friends.

Whether they choose to go or remain, every family’s primary wish is to spend valuable time with family and loved ones. So, even if you decide to remain in Saigon, there are a plethora of enjoyable and gratifying experiences to be had, most of which are workshop activities aimed at improving knowledge and fostering friendship.

  1. Scented Candle Workshop

Some people enjoy lighting candles, watching them burn, and inhaling the slight fragrance they emit. Perhaps we sense our spirit is quieter, more relaxed, and peaceful at that very time. As a result, many people attend candle manufacturing classes.

Why candle-making workshop?

Because participating in a workshop with your loved ones stimulates the release of dopamine, a happy hormone that makes you feel more cherished and connected to your family.

 - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab

So, if you’re looking for something fun to do with your family this holiday season, the scented candle class at NOTE is an option worth contemplating.

Link to register for the scented candle workshop: https://r-workshop.space/book-a-workshop 

  1. Making Scented sachet  Workshop

Fragrant purses are most likely a word that is both familiar and unfamiliar in the fragrance world. Since ancient times, people have been creating fragrant bags with preserved flowers and plants to carry around in order to keep the body smelling pleasant. The handbag, however, is no longer used as an accessory as scent becomes more popular. Instead, it is used to decorate the home and keep the area pleasant. That fragrance relaxes us when we slumber or enter a loving home.

 - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab

Understanding the impacts of fragrance in everyday life, NOTE created a class to make perfume purses and got a lot of positive feedback from consumers. This holiday, you can completely engage in the aroma bag making session at NOTE with other family members.

Register for an aromatherapy class here: https://r-workshop.space/book-a-workshop

  1. Perfume Workshop

It is about being fussy, concerned, and precise when it comes to perfume, because knowing scents is one thing, but weighing, measuring, measuring, and calculating the amounts to create a favored smell is another. When creating perfume, everyone transforms into an artist – an artist who creates his or her own scent.

 - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab - sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab

The perfume studio allows you to create your own fragrances based on your personal tastes, and that aroma can sometimes represent your own narrative. So, why not attempt to incorporate your family’s joyful recollections into the fragrance, creating a gorgeous picture of your family’s memorable holiday?

NOTE’s perfume class will help you learn more about perfume and how to alter the scent you want. NOTE will undoubtedly elicit many tales within you with its calm verdant area, murmuring water, and melodious music.

As our workshops are usually filled up very quickly, it is recommended that you should schedule your time beforehand. Your appointment is best planned 7 days before the workshop, and it takes you only 3 minutes to make the reservation here:  https://r-workshop.space/book-a-workshop

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