- sản phẩm mùi hương từ NOTE - The Scent Lab

NOTE – The Scent Lab proudly presents our professional “DIY Perfume Making Workshop,” an exciting and meaningful journey of scent exploration and creation. This is an opportunity for you to gain in-depth knowledge of the world of fragrances and create unique perfumes that reflect your personal style.

In our workshop, you will be guided by top fragrance experts. We offer over 20 to 30 high-grade fragrance ingredients, ensuring quality and variety, making it easy for you to choose and blend to create the perfect scent for yourself. This process is not just about mixing ingredients but also a journey of self-discovery, connecting with your inner self, and finding peace.

Each workshop is a highly personalized experience where you can enjoy moments of relaxation, reduce stress, and engage in self-healing. Upon completion, you will take home your creation—a 50ml perfume bottle, housed in a premium square box, along with a carrying bag and a delicate card. This is not only a personal product but also a meaningful gift you can handcraft for your loved ones.

With a cost of 1,550,000 VND, you will experience the entire process from learning, and creating to owning your product. Especially, compared to the cost of a 10ml workshop at 550,000 VND, you will receive great value and much more savings when participating in this service.

Come to NOTE – The Scent Lab to experience a unique, exciting, and meaningful service. We are committed to providing you with relaxing, creative, and inspiring moments.

Chi phí

1,550,000 VND

Thời gian

~ 120 Min