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3 reasons why you should not skip NOTE’s Scent Workshop series if you live in Saigon

People have been attending more workshops in recent years, despite having many options. The mix of leisure, spending time with yourself, and increasing personal knowledge is a very excellent indicator of Vietnam’s improving quality of life.

So, to save you time calculating, NOTE will help you offer three reasons why you should join the NOTE’s workshops in the piece below. Here are the scent-related classes for those who enjoy the world of scents.

1. Scent has the power to heal

Aromatherapy is presumably no longer a foreign concept to those who enjoy lighting candles. Aromatherapy is a natural essential oil-based treatment or illness avoidance technique. Various essential oil fragrances will offer various purposes, for example, Lavender essential oil will help the body alleviate tension, tea tree will support the treatment of skin illnesses, and mint will be very beneficial for other respiratory problems.

Some people use fragrances, fragrant sachets, or scented candles, similar to essential oils, to repair their mind, stabilize their mood, and feel more appreciated. Using perfume as an illustration, during the period of individualism, many people enjoyed using perfume to make their own distinctive scent. It makes them feel more assured, unique, and improves their performance.

As a result, many scent-obsessed customers have come to NOTE’s scent classes, ranging from perfumes to scented candles, to better understand aromas and create their own therapeutic smells.

Scent Healing Workshop: Tham khảo tại đây

2. Participating in a class serves to expand one’s network.

NOTE Scent Workshop is an exercise that brings together aromatherapy enthusiasts from all over Saigon. Sharing similar hobbies and being in the same location allows us to form accidental unique ties and share voices with others, even if they are acquaintances.

There are many customers who come to NOTE, and have added a soulmate – a friend who loves the same scent, shares the same daily hobbies with me, even if it is small. That’s where the friendship begins.

So allow yourself the opportunity to learn new things, both intellectually and in relationships. Apply for a class on the scent you want to learn about at the website below.

Increase your relationship by attending a fragrance workshop: https://r-workshop.space/book-a-workshop

3. Upgrade yourself

Never cease developing yourself, regardless of gender or background. Regular learning will provide you with new chances and pleasure. If you enjoy fragrances, don’t miss out on NOTE’s scent workshop series.

NOTE  features three primary DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops: fragrant candle, scented bag, and perfume making. In each of the three kinds of workshops described above, you will be attentively guided by an expert in basic scent knowledge and how to create the finished product. You can take your goods home after the session.

Scent workshop: https://r-workshop.space/book-a-workshop

We hope your quest to discover your favored scent is filled with unforgettable experiences.

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